Pensions & Group Savings

The topic of post employment benefits and retirement security is very much at the forefront for plan sponsors and their advisors across the world. 

In the UAE, the story is not that much different. MetLife Alico can help your company retain its best employees while also securing their future!

The Facts

  • The great financial crisis and market volatility lingering since 2008 has left a high level of financial concerns
  • Government retirement benefits are facing budgetary pressures and employees are living a financial anxiety
  • End of service indemnity is a practice mandated by law and corporations have to comply with it.
  • Majority of employees are increasingly concerned over affording retirement

Your Needs

  • Do you need to enhance your corporate image and retain your employees through a capital guaranteed solution?
  • Looking for a cost efficient, flexible and portable solution providing multiple investment strategies?  
  • Need to fund mandatory End of Service Indemnity while protecting liquidity for day-to-day business operations?
  • Are you aiming at retaining employees through offering a Guaranteed portable  and Affordable Savings scheme?

Our Solutions

Securing your employees' financial future is an important way of communicating your organization’s commitment to their growth and wellbeing. Keeping this in mind and taking into account the needs of the UAE market, MetLife Alico has designed a range of pension and annuity products for you to choose from.

In fact, whatever your need is, we can tailor a solution for you! In fact, we offer a mix of guaranteed and interest sensitive products that help employers retain their workforce and employees plan for their golden years!


Group Allocated Annuity

A capital guarantee solution to meet the needs of corporations looking for a conservation of principal and security on investments

MetLife Alico Annuity Plan

A wealth management solution tailor-made to provide a cost efficient and attractive way for employees to invest and save for a secure financial future

International Pension Plan

A simple, secure, flexible and portable plan that can be owned by an individual or by an employer on behalf of an employee

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